Setting Up A Yii Application on Ubuntu 14.04

Yii is a PHP framework that allows you to develop applications more quickly and easily. Installing Yii on Ubuntu is straightforward, as you will learn exactly how in this article.

This guide assumes that you already have a web server, PHP installed, and that you know your web root path (e.g. /var/www).

Step 1: Downloading Yii

Navigate to your web root path:

cd /var/www

Download Yii by using wget:


In order to unzip the file, we’ll need to install the unzip tool:

apt-get install unzip



Step 2: Creating an application

Yii can create the base of an application for you. In order to do this, execute:

php yii-1.1.13.e9e4a0/framework/yiic webapp ApplicationName

Naturally, replace ApplicationName with a sufficient name for your application. This will generate a new application.

In your web browser, navigate to http://YourServerIP/ApplicationName.

You will see a homepage here which Yii has generated. You can login with the username and password admin.

Congratulations! You now have your first Yii application setup.

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