Installing McMyAdmin on Ubuntu 14.10

McMyAdmin is a Minecraft server control panel used to administrate your server. Although McMyAdmin is free, there are multiple editions, some of which are paid versions.


Please ensure that your VULTR server has at least 1GB of RAM. 2GB of RAM is recommended.

You will need the following packages:

  1. Screen: sudo apt-get install screen
  2. Unzip: sudo apt-get install unzip
  3. Java: sudo apt-get install openjdk-7-jre

McMyAdmin doesn’t recommend running it as the root user. For tutorial purposes, we will be running it as root.

Initial Setup

We need to update the “etc” folder to ensure that McMyAdmin can run.

  1. Go to the “local” directory: cd /usr/local
  2. Download the new “etc” folder: wget
  3. Unzip the “etc” folder that we downloaded: unzip
  4. Remove the ZIP file that we downloaded: rm

McMyAdmin Setup

  1. Go to your root folder: cd /root
  2. Make a directory for your server: mkdir Server
  3. Go to the “Server” directory we created: cd Server
  4. Download the McMyAdmin server files: wget
  5. Unzip the McMyAdmin server files: unzip
  6. Remove the ZIP file that we downloaded: rm
  7. Run the McMyAdmin server file: ./MCMA2_Linux_x86_64 -setpass YOURPASSWORD -configonly
  8. It will prompt you to download the McMyAdmin package, type “Y”.

In step 7, replace YOURPASSWORD with a password you want.

Running McMyAdmin

  1. To start McMyAdmin, type: screen ./MCMA2_Linux_x86_64
  2. Open your web browser and type your VULTR server IP address with port 8080: 123.456.7.89:8080
  3. For the login, type “admin” as the username and for the password type what you set before in step 7.
  4. Customize your server to your liking.
  5. On the left, click “Status” and then when ready you can start your minecraft server!

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