Install BitTorrent Sync on Ubuntu 14.04

How to Install BitTorrent Sync on Vultr Ubuntu 14.04 Instance

This article will guide you through the install and setup process for launching a BitTorrent Sync Client/Server on a high performance SSD VPS at Vultr.


  • Putty SSH Client
  • >=768MBRAM VPS Server With CentOS 6 x64 Installed.

Install BitTorrent Sync

Login To Your New Ubuntu 14.04 VPS Server at Vultr via SSH and run the following commands

apt-get -y install python-software-propertiesadd-apt-repository ppa:tuxpoldo/btsyncapt-get updateapt-get -y install btsync

Steps for Install Menu:

  • select “btsync” user from the menu
  • select “default” for the sync daemon group
  • set niceness to 0
  • Unless you have additional IP’s on your instance it’s ok to hit enter to “”
  • Set the port to listen on (Default: 8888)
  • Should BitTorrent Sync only allow SSL? <No> is ok here.

Make the directory(ies) to store your sync’d files

We will use “/btsync” for this example.

mkdir /btsync#set ownership to btsync userchown btsync /btsync

You are now ready to start using BitTorrent Sync!

Access the control panel via http://(server ip address):8888


  • Secure Password Generator – Use this to help generate a secure pass
  • Official BitTorrent Sync

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