How To Setup a Shoutcast Server on Ubuntu

With a Shoutcast server, you can setup your own audio streams for others to listen. In this guide, I’ll teach you how to setup a Shoutcast server on Ubuntu. Follow the steps below.

Step 1: Creating a user

For security reasons, we’re going to create a user:

adduser shoutcast

Enter the required information and su to the new user:

su shoutcast

Step 2: Downloading Shoutcast

Go to the user’s home directory:

cd ~

Download Shoutcast with wget:


Now, extract the file:

tar xfz sc*

Next, create a folder for the Shoutcast server. All of the important files will be placed here:

mkdir ../shoutcast

Copy the files to this new folder:

cp sc_serv ../shoutcast

Next, navigate to this directory:

cd ../shoutcast

Shoutcast is installed, now we just need to configure it.

Step 3: Configuring Shoutcast

Create the following folders so that Shoutcast functions correctly:

mkdir controlmkdir logs

Create the configuration file and open it with a text editor:


Append the following to the file:


Change the adminpassword, password, streamadminpassword_1, and streampassword_1 values to safe passwords. The adminpassword is used to access the web interface, the streampassword_1 is the password for access to the stream. Replace ServerIP with your server IP.

Make the Shoutcast binary executable:

chmod +x sc_serv

Finally, start the Shoutcast server:

./sc_serv &

You can now access the Shoutcast web interface from http://ServerIP:8000. The web interface will allow you to setup your streams and configure more server settings.

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