Minecraft Bukkit Server on Debian Wheezy


Bukkit is a extension of Minecraft which offers some exclusive features as well as plugins which can greatly improve your gaming experience.

Bukkit is a community-driven project that allows every Java developer to write their own plugins and create additional features.


  • Debian Wheezy
  • Java

Installing Java

Installing Java on Debian Wheezy can be done using the apt-get command as follows:

apt-get install openjdk-7-jre

You can verify whether or not the Java installations as successful by funning the below command:

java -v

Downloading Bukkit

The first step is to create the directory in which Bukkit will be installed:

mkdir /root/mc/

Next, we download Bukkit:

cd /root/mc/ && wget http://tcpr.ca/files/craftbukkit/craftbukkit-latest.jar

Running Bukkit

The the command below to initialize and run Bukkit:

java -jar craftbukkit-latest.jar

Once all the libraries has been initialized, you will receive a message advising that you need to accept the Bukkit EULA. In order to do so, you need to open the file name eula.txt and change the variable to True.

Once completed, you will need to re-run the same Java command referenced above.

Make it persistent

Bukkit does not run in the background by default. As such, it is recommended that you run it in a screen session to ensure that it remains active even after you log out of your server.

You can use the command below to run Bukkit in a screen session:

screen java -jar craftbukkit-latest.jar 


This concludes our tutorial. For more information how to use and customize Bukkit, please refer to the official Bukkit documentation.

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