Installing and Using Yunohost on Debian 7 x64

This tutorial will walk you through installing the Yunohost Complete Server control panel on Debian. Just follow the tutorial and your server will be up and running in no time. These tutorials were tested using a 1024MB Vultr Instance running Debian 7 x64 (wheezy).


Yunohost is a server operating system that makes self hosting as easy as pie. It provides easy management of your server and allows for instant install of a wide variety of apps.

Installing Yunohost

Connect to your server:

ssh root@

Install dependencies that are not automatically installed:

apt-get install sudo git

Remove Apache2 (Necessary for YunoHost):

apt-get remove apache2

Download the YunoHost install script from GitHub:

git clone /tmp/install_script

Run the install script:

cd /tmp/install_script && sudo ./install_yunohostv2

Enter the following data when prompted:

 1. Navigate to 'yes' and hit enter. 2. Again, navigate to 'yes' and hit enter. 3. Enter the domain that you wish to use for Yunohost.  4. Enter the password you wish to use for Yunohost.

Note: If you do not have a domain, enter This means that to access Yunohost, you will have to use the IP of your server.

Congratulations! Yunohost is installed. Here is how to access and use it.

Navigate to https://your-ip/yunohost/admin or https://your-domain/yunohost/admin (Screenshot)

Using Yunohost

Upon first login, you should be presented with a dialogue box that asks you to create a user. Click on that link. (Screenshot)

Create a user. You will be assigning apps to this user.

Installing one of Yunohost’s applications.

For the purposes of this tutorial, I will be installing WordPress – but you can choose any app that you would like to install.

  1. From the homepage of Yunohost Admin, click ‘Applications’. (Screenshot)
  2. Click ‘install’. (Screenshot)
  3. Select the app that you want to install. (Screenshot)
  4. Enter the required information for that app, then click ‘install’ at the bottom of that page. (Screenshot)
  5. After that has loaded, you now have WordPress installed!
  6. Click on your application from the screen in which you were directed. (Screenshot)
  7. Click on the link that is provided for you at this page. It should be the domain and the directory that you have chosen. (Screenshot)
  8. Done!

Enabling YunoHost’s Monitoring System

Yunohost comes with a built-in monitoring and system statistics system (Cool, right?), however, this system is not enabled by default.

  1. From the home screen of Yunohost, click ‘services’. (Screenshot)
  2. Find Glances, then click on it. (Screenshot)
  3. Click both ‘enable’ and ‘start’. (Screenshot)
  4. Go back to the home screen and click ‘monitoring’.

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