Install MineOS on Ubuntu 14.04 for Minecraft Servers

MineOS is a complete Minecraft server platform with a web GUI, automated backups, archives, performance statistics, and other features too.

Setting up a Minecraft server on MineOS is easy and should take only a few minutes to get up and working on a Vultr cloud server.


  • Install dependencies.
  • Install MineOS.
  • Configure MineOS.
  • Play Minecraft with your friends.


You should start with a fresh install of your chosen operating system, in this case, we are using Debian 7.

Install the needed dependencies.

apt-get updateapt-get -y install screen python-cherrypy3 rdiff-backup git openjdk-7-jre-headless

Create directory and download MineOS.

mkdir -p /usr/gamescd /usr/games git clone git:// minecraft cd minecraft git config core.filemode false chmod +x generate-sslcert.shln -s /usr/games/minecraft/ /usr/local/bin/mineos

Copy files and set up permissions.

cp /usr/games/minecraft/init/mineos /etc/init.d/chmod 744 /etc/init.d/mineosupdate-rc.d mineos defaultscp /usr/games/minecraft/init/minecraft /etc/init.d/chmod 744 /etc/init.d/minecraftupdate-rc.d minecraft defaultscp /usr/games/minecraft/mineos.conf /etc/

Create self-signed certificate for HTTPS.

cd /usr/games/minecraft ./

Start MineOS.

service mineos start

Create a user.

adduser <somename>

Log into the web UI.

Navigate to https://yourip:8888. Your browser will ask if you want to connect due to the self-signed certificate. Accept the connection. Log in using your root credentials.

Configure Minecraft.

  • In the left pane, click “Manage Profiles” and create at last one server profile.
  • Click “update” profile.
  • Log out as root.

Create a server.

  • Log in as the user you created before.
  • Click “Create New Server” on left pane.
  • Fill in your Minecraft server settings.
  • Click “Dashboard” on left pane.
  • Select your server.
  • Click Start.

If everything is working, then your server will start. For a few moments you will see “-1” for “Players Online”. This will go to 0. Then, you can login with your Minecraft client.

Play Minecraft.

Connect to your server with its IP or domain name (if you created one) and the port from the server settings. The default port is 25565.

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