How To Install Vesta CP on CentOS 6

In this tutorial, we will install Vesta Control Panel on CentOS 6. Vesta CP is an open-source alternative to cPanel.

The steps provided here will work for both x86 and x64 versions of CentOS 6. Note that Vesta CP is not supported on CentOS 7.


  1. Start with a fresh VPS. Do not install a LAMP or LEMP stack.
  2. Login to your VPS as the root user.

Installing VestaCP

Installing Vesta can be done by running a simple script.

 curl -O && bash ./ --force

You will be prompted to enter a valid email address. Be careful to enter an address that you can access, and double-check the address you entered for any typing errors, since you will not be prompted to confirm it.

The installer will load the following programs onto your VPS.

  • PHP
  • Apache
  • Nginx
  • Bind DNS
  • Exim Mail Server
  • Dovecot IMAP/POP3 Server
  • MySQL

Accessing VestaCP

VestaCP by default runs on port 8083. You can login by visiting https://SERVER_IP:8083 and the password that is set by the installer. Replace SERVER_IP with the IP address of your VPS. The https:// in this URL means that we are accessing Vesta over a secure connection. This secure (SSL) connection needs a certificate on the VPS to use for securing the data transport. Since we have not set up any certificates yet, an unsigned server-generated certificate is used, which is why you will get a warning message from your browser.

If you don’t like the password that was set by the installer, you can change it by running the command below.

 /usr/local/vesta/bin/v-change-user-password admin NEW_PASSWORD

VestaCP is all setup. Now you can login and configure your server.

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