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Monday, July 30, 2018

How to reset password management server HocVPS Script?

HocVPS Script supports several server management tools and password change tools when accessed through the path. If after changing the pass you can not remember, please follow this post to reset the new pass.

HocVPS Script Admin supports password change tools:

  1. HocVPS Script Admin when accessing any port that contains a port (restrict pass filtering)

  2. File Manager when accessing
    phpMyAdmin accessing

To change the password of this tool, after logging into HocVPS Script Admin, click the Change Password menu, select the corresponding tool and enter the new password is complete.


If you have changed the login password to the HocVPS Script Admin, to reset the SSH connection, then run this command:

For HocVPS v2.0 or higher
. /etc/hocvps/scripts.conf
printf "admin:$(openssl passwd -apr1 1234567)\n" > /home/$server_name/private_html/hocvps/.htpasswd

For HocVPS v2.0 and earlier:
. /etc/hocvps/scripts.conf
printf "admin:$(openssl passwd -apr1 1234567)\n" > /home/$mainsite/private_html/hocvps/.htpasswd


  1. The first line to read the HocVPS Script configuration is $ server_name.

  2. The second line reset the password to 1234567.

Then you can now login to HocVPS Admin with new password 1234567 then. Please login and change your password now.

Note, if you login password is more than 3 times blocked access to 1 hour!


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